An IOS App which will show a list of 5 books on the first screen.

Splash Screen.
When the app launch, it will get permission from the user to access its location, App will continue only if the user allows it to access his/her location otherwise it will stop on the splash screen. While showing the splash screen, the app should get the user’s location, Splash screen should have an indicator on it, which will continue to animate until the app will get the exact location of the user, if for some reason (maybe an internet issue or any other reason) app couldn’t get the user’s location, the app will stop at the splash.

Top 5 Books Screen.
This screen will show after the splash screen and show a list of 5 Top Books ( Use Table View to show a list of books and each cell of the table show the book title image, Author name, Price, and Book Title.
• Side Menu Bar
• Make a sidebar that will provide options for:
• SIGN IN (If the user has not signed in already)
• Profile and logout (If the user has Signed In), only make Nearest Stores and logout functional.
• Sign-In Screen
• Create Sign In Screen and make it functional with the help of API.
• Sign Up Screen

On the SIGN IN Screen, show the button for SIGN UP and when the user taps on it, then Show this Sign Up Screen and register the user with Name, Address, Username, and Password. 
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